Spicy Espinaler Sauce 92ML

Spicy Espinaler Sauce 92ML

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We are very excited to have this new & exciting sauce in Singapore!  

This hot sauce is a favourite in Barcelona, and they use it on all types of foods. The spicy sauce is made from the Espinaler traditional sauce with cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper is what gives this sauce its spicy edge.  

To enjoy Salsa Espinaler just shake well then sprinkle on fresh or canned seafood (berberechos, clams, anchovies, whitebait), potato chips or even olives! 

History of this famous sauce:

In 1896, Miguel Riera i Prat opened Tavern Espinaler to serve the local fishermen. Over the following generations, his family expanded the menu of offerings as their business prospered. In 1950, a special sauce was invented to serve with the delicacies by Ventura Roldo, wife of Miguel’s grandson.

Word of this delicious sauce spread across Barcelona, and it was in such demand that the family began bottling it in their now famous bottles. Many people have since tried to copy this secret recipe but with little success!

The Espinaler tavern still exists, and now features extraordinary canned seafood from Galicia. It turns out that Galician seafood, expertly prepared on the other side of Spain, is perfectly complimented by the bright, tangy Espinaler sauce.

Net Weight: 92ML