Marinated Baby Scallops (10/12 pieces) 120g

Marinated Baby Scallops (10/12 pieces) 120g

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These tender Espinaler baby scallops (called Zamburiñas in Spanish) are sourced from the Galician estuaries and the prepared in a traditional tomato based sauce.  The Spaniards refer to this tomato based sauce as "Salsa Gallega" which literally translates to Galician sauce.  

Zamburiñas make the perfect tapa as all you'll need to do is simply open the tin & enjoy!

Net Weight: 120g

Espinaler is an iconic establishment within the Catalan region. They are a century-old company specializing in gourmet tinned seafood, preserved vegetables, legumes, vermouth, chips, olives, and of course the famous Espinaler Sauce!   

 Espinaler started in 1896 as a tavern to serve the local villagers, who predominately were fisherman.  And then over the following years, due to their success and popularity, they continued to expand upon their seafood offerings.