Red Vermouth Vintage 1L

Red Vermouth Vintage 1L

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 Winery: Espinaler

 Format: Screw Cap, 1L


What's the deal with Spanish vermouth?  Vermouth (vermut in Spanish) is one of Spain's famous aperitifs.  It recently has seen a resurgence and is currently one of Spain's hottest & most sexiest drinks.  So move over wine & beer as the trendy vermouth has come to town!

Outside of Spain, when most people think of vermouth, they think of the brand Martini or associate it as a mixer in drinks.  But Spanish vermouth is different... think of it as the distant cousin to the Italian vermouth. So although there are some vague similarities, there are also many differences.  

For example, Spanish vermouth is not typically used for mixing purposes rather it's served neat, chilled, on the rocks or sometimes with a spritz of soda water.  And it almost always is garnished with a skewered green olive or a citrus twist.  Spanish vermouth also tends to be sweeter, less bitter & more aromatic compared its Italian or French counterparts.  Although as with wine, Spanish vermouth can vary, while some are a bit sweeter others may be more dry. (The red is typically sweeter while white tends to be on the drier side.)

So what is vermouth?  Vermouth is a fortified wine blended with aromatic herbs.  It is stronger than your typical wine as it can have over a 15% alcohol content.  Vermouth is often served as an aperitif as it supposedly helps cleanse the palate & aide in digestion.  We like to sip while enjoying some nibbles such as "conservas" or "encurtidos" (preserved & pickled snacks).  But really anything salty will work including some nice crisp potato chips.  It all works!

So if you haven't yet explored the world of Spanish vermouths then we suggest you give it a try!  See what all of the Spanish are raving about!

Interesting fact! Vermouth (or vermut in. Spanish) comes from the German word wermut, which translates to wormwood since that is one of the main bitters used to make vermouth.

 About Winery:  Espinaler winery, from Vilassar de Mar, make their own vermouth.  Espinaler is an iconic establishment based in the Barcelona area and is renown for their conserves (preserved seafood & vegetables) and homemade vermut!