Piquillo Pepper Strips (Lodosa)

Piquillo Pepper Strips (Lodosa)


Piquillo peppers are traditional Spanish red peppers known for their delicious sweet taste.  They are roasted with a direct flame & then peeled manually, one by one, so they mantain their flavour as well as their natural characteristics.

The home of the famous Piquillo pepper is Lodosa, which is located in the Navarra region in Northern Spain.  Piquillo peppers from Lodosa have such an importance in Spain that it even has its own Denomination of Origin in order to protect the name & quality.  Peppers certified from DO Lodosa are perceived as being the best in the world & are a true delicacy.  So if you are looking for a true Piquillo pepper, then you need to look for the Lodosa stamp of certification!

These sliced Espinaler Piquillo peppers from Lodosa are of premium quality.  We love to eat these peppers as they are so versatile.  While obviously tasting great, they also add a beautiful red colour to any dish.  They can be eating in salads or used as an appetiser.  And as done in Northern Spain, we even enjoy them when eating a nice juicy steak.

Net Weight: 225g

Espinaler is an iconic establishment within the Catalan region. They are a century-old company specializing in gourmet tinned seafood, preserved vegetables, legumes, vermouth, chips, olives, and of course the famous Espinaler Sauce!   

Espinaler started in 1896 as a tavern to serve the local villagers, who predominately were fisherman.  And then over the following years, due to their success and popularity, they continued to expand upon their seafood offerings.