Los Frailes Caliza 2017 Organic

Los Frailes Caliza 2017 Organic

Bodega Los Frailes
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 Winery: Bodegas Los Frailes 

 Denomination of Origin: Valencia

 Varietal: Monastrell (Mourvedre)

 Awards: 91 pts. Robert Parker

 Ageing: 10 months in ancient deposits and amphorae

 Format: Cork top, 750ML, Red Wine

 Wine:   Ever heard the expression  - You are what you eat?  Well, the same holds true for wines.  Wines are a direct product of their terroir - a region's climate, soil, and terrain.  Bodega Los Frailes has painstakinly undertaken soil and terrain studies to create a new range of "terroir" wines.  This range creates unique wines based on the diverse plots of land at the winery which have quickly obtained the praise from top wine critics.

Caliza, which is part of the terroir range, is produced from old Monsatrell vines grown in limestone and sandy soils.  Caliza literally means Limestone in Spanish. This soil provides the Monastrell with a unique fresh balance.  This Monastrell wine is well balanced with aromas of red fruits and spice. A fresh, powerful wine with good acidity.  And to maintain this personality, any additives are kept to an absolute minimum.  The wine is aged 10 months in 18th century amphorae and deposits to provide balance and structure.  Recommended to pair with rich foods such as BBQ, beef spare ribs, pork, lentils, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. 

 About Winery:  Casa Los Frailes is a gem of a winery, located in the Valencia DO. It takes it name from the Jesuit Friars (Frailes in Spanish) who occupied the Estate from the 16th to 18th century. In 1769 the Spanish monarchy evicted the Jesuits and confiscated the land, and the winery’s ancestors purchased the estate in a public auction in 1771. The property has since remained within the same family.  Casa Los Frailes is committed to preserving the land as well as honouring the history and traditions of the estate, such as aging the wine is the same ancient concrete deposits and amphorae used by the Friar’s centuries ago.