Hot Paprika 70g

Hot Paprika 70g

La Dalia

Arguably the most popular paprika (called pimentón in Spanish) is from La Vera, which is a region in Spain.  In Spain they refer to this paprika as "Pimentón de La Vera" and this this is perceived as being some of the highest quality paprika found in Spain. This vibrant red spice is made by grinding dried peppers into a fragrant, smoky powder.

La Dalia is the original & best brand of Pimentón de La Vera. The family owned company has been operating for more than 100 years and continues to uphold the highest standards and quality measures to produce some of the best spices in the world.

Hot Smoked Paprika (Pimentón Picante) is perfect for any dishes where you want that extra punch of taste.  A perfect example is chorizo as it's the smoked hot paprika which gives the gorgeous red hue and delicious smoky taste.

Net Weight: 70g