Guindilla Peppers 300g

Guindilla Peppers 300g


Weight 300g

These tender spicy-sweet pickled green peppers are a Basque delicacy   Take a stroll through the North of Spain and you will be guaranteed to find Pintxos (which is Spanish treat usually served on a toothpick) with guindillas.  An iconic Basque favourite is the "Gilda", which is a pintxo with an Olive, anchovy, and a guindilla pepper! Super delicious!

About the company:

El Navarrico is a family owned company located in the Navarra region in Spain, an area famed for its vegetables such as sweet piquillo peppers (red peppers), white asparagus and tender artichokes. The land in considered one of the most fertile regions in Spain, and Spaniards place a premium on the produce originating from this province.

It all began in 1960 when Amalia and José personally worked the fields of San Adrián, Navarra to produce what eventually became some of the best vegetable in all of Spain.  As commonly done in Spain, the vegetables are freshly harvested and then preserved in either in salt water or sometimes olive oil.  The Spanish refer to these jarred vegetables as “conservas” & they are considered an integral part of the Spanish cuisine. These vegetables are very different to many of the tinned or jarred vegetables you may find here on the supermarket shelves. Rather Spanish conservas are of the upmost quality and are perceived as a gourmet product as well as a culinary delight.

El Navarrico has ensured that over the generations they continue to follow the same ethos and traditions which made them one of the most well respected names in Spain.