Ex Vite Brut Gran Reserva Cava 2011 Organic

Ex Vite Brut Gran Reserva Cava 2011 Organic

Llopart 1887
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 Winery: Llopart 1887

 Denomination of Origin: Cava

 Varietal: Xarel-lo, Macabeo

 Ageing: Aged more than 60 months

 Format: Cork top, 750ML, Sparkling Wine

 Wine: Ex Vite Gran Reserva is aged for a minimum of 60 months.  Everything about this Cava is impressive starting from the gorgeous bottle & metallic tin that it’s packaged in all the way to its exquisite taste. This Cava oozes sophistication and elegance.   It has a limited production of only 5,300 bottles and is a highly sought after Cava. A clear winner given its fine bubbles and aroma with hints of roasted nuts and toasted oak.  On the palate it is structured and creamy with a long, pleasant aftertaste.  A great way to impress guests and perfect for gifting, especially for person who seems to have everything!  This is a Cava to impress!

Did you know?  Cava (as well as Champagne) is catergorized by the level of its sweetness.  And the sweetness of a Cava can vary greatly - from being dry & citrusy all the way to being sweet & fruity.  Thankfully, you can rely on the naming convention in order to pick the best Cava for a desired level of sweetness.

  • Brut Nature (The most dry as no sugar is added)
  • Extra Brut
  • Brut
  • Extra Dry/Extra Sec
  • Dry/Sec
  • Demi Sec
  • Dulce (Most Sweet)

It’s worth noting that the level of sweetness of a Cava does not necessarily correlate to its quality! Rather it purely has to do with a preference in taste. While many people love the dry Brut Nature, other people believe a touch of sugar helps balance the acidity and makes for a softer, well-round wine.  Again, it’s all down to personal preferences and taste buds.  So if you like dry sparkling wines, then we suggest to stick to the brut side.  But if you like your bubbly a bit sweeter, then go for the Dry/Sec Cavas.  And if you are not sure, then you better start tasting to find out!

 About Winery: Llopart is a family owned organic winery located in Penedès region with deeply embedded roots in their wine estate.  And when we say "deep" roots,  we mean "DEEEEP"! According to a document written in Latin and dated 1385, one of their ancestors, Bernardus Leopardi, was granted with some vineyards located in the present country estate Can Llopart de Subirats.  (That is over 600 years ago!)  Over the following centuries the Llopart family grew grapevines, wheat and olive trees. And at the end of the 18th century the Lloparts decided to devote themselves exclusively to wine growing.

 In 1887, Llopart produced its first sparkling wine in the cellar of their old country house.  And to this day the Llopart family continues to elaborate their wines according to the traditional method, based on the ancestral wisdom of past generations.  Llopart is now known as one of the oldest and most prestigious Cava producers in Spain. 

In order to pay homage to their ancestors, Llopart turned to organic and sustainable farming as they believed after more than 25 generations devoted cultivating the land, they had the responsibility to maintain the land for future generations.  Llopart’s wines are produced from 100% organic grapes that are harvested by hand and the wines are entirely vinified on the winery premises.