Seafood Paella Broth 470ML

Seafood Paella Broth 470ML

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This El Navarrico concentrated seafood broth serves as an excellent base for paellas, soups, and other dishes. It's a natural broth derived from slowly cooked shrimp, fish and squid, as well as a touch white wine, fresh vegetables, garlic, & olive oil. 

So if you are looking for a homemade tasting seafood broth without all the work & hassle, then you need to try this.  And if you are using it to make a paella, this is a sure winner! 

For best results, dilute the concentrated seafood broth with a little water before cooking. As a general guide, the water should make up 10% of total stock need for a recipe.  If your recipe calls for 100ML of broth then use 10ML of water and 90ML of the El Navarrico Seafood broth.

Interesting fact - Local people from Navarra region are sometimes referred to as Navarricos, hence how El Navarrico derived its named!


El Navarrico is a family owned company located in the Navarra region in Spain, an area famed for its vegetables such as sweet piquillo peppers (red peppers), white asparagus and tender artichokes. The land in considered one of the most fertile regions in Spain, and Spaniards place a premium on the produce originating from this province.

El Navarrico has ensured that over the generations they continue to follow the same ethos and traditions which made them one of the most well respected names in Spain.