Cockles 45/55 pieces 120g

Cockles 45/55 pieces 120g


Espinaler Cockles (or called berberechos in Spanish) are collected by hand then washed & cleaned in sea water to remove the sand.  The cockles are then boiled, selected by size and packed so everybody can enjoy!

Net Weight: 120g

Espinaler is an iconic establishment within the Catalan region. They are a century-old company specializing in gourmet tinned seafood, preserved vegetables, legumes, vermouth, chips, olives, and of course the famous Espinaler Sauce!   

 Espinaler started in 1896 as a tavern to serve the local villagers, who predominately were fisherman.  And then over the following years, due to their success and popularity, they continued to expand upon their seafood offerings.