Chuzos de Punta 2017

Chuzos de Punta 2017

Autenticos Viñadores
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 Winery: Autenticos Viñadores

 Denomination of Origin: Ribeira Sacra

 Varietal: Mencia, Merenzao

 Ageing: Aged 6 months in French oak

 Format: Cork top, 750ML, Red Wine

 Wine:  An elegant, fresh wine with notes of cherry & red berries along with smooth tannins. This wine is made from vines over 50 years old that are situated in a riverbank on a 45% incline. It’s quite spectacular to see them manually harvest the grapes as the fruit is transported away via railway structures given the sheer steepness of the incline.  This is the reason the winemaking from this region is called Viticultura Heroica, (“Heroic Viticulture”). There are only 3,941 bottles produced for this vintage… make sure you try it!

Interesting fact: “Chuzos de Punta” is a Spanish expression similar to "raining cats and dogs". This is why on the label there is an image of an umbrella and rain.  This region of Spain typically receives a lot of rain from the Atlantic Ocean, which provides special character to the wine.

 About Winery: Luis Miguel Fernandez is a renowned wine expert and sommelier in Spain. Auténticos Viñadores  (“Authentic Winemakers”) is Luis’s personal project to find the best vineyards and most authentic winemakers in Northwest Spain: Galicia, El Bierzo and Salamanca.  These regions have a long wine making history but unfortunately over the years fell out of the spotlight.  Luis is aiming to change this by bringing us some of the best wines these regions have to offer.  Not only is he seeking out the best vineyards, but he also partners with some the most talented wine makers too.  It’s about time these wines finally receive the attention they deserve!