Bombita Paella Rice 1KG

Bombita Paella Rice 1KG

Molino Roca

Bomba rice is undoubtedly the best rice for paella. And "Bombita" rice (which translates literally to little Bomba rice) shares many of the same characteristics as the traditional Bomba rice. They are from Valencia, Spain which is the home of the famous paella. Some chefs believe the Bombita rice has the ability to capture even more flavour, and as such it has become all the trend in haute cuisine.  

Bomba & Bombita rice are premium short grain rice grown in Spain & are well suited for making the perfect paella! The advantage to Bomba/Bombita rice is their ability to absorb much more water compared to other rice varietals without turning mushy or sticky. Instead the grains remain firm (but not hard) and soak up all of the delicious flavours from the paella broth!   If you’re using Bomba or Bombita rice in your paella, you’ll add three cups of liquid for roughly every cup of raw rice.

Molino Roca produces some of the best Bomba & Bombita rice in Spain.  It currently is all the rage with some of the finest & most exclusive restaurants in Spain.  

And we are so excited to be partnering with Molino Roca to bring you one of the best paella rice found in Spain!

Weight: 1KG