At TANINOS we LOVE Spain's lifestyle, culture and above all their food & wine!  Don’t get us going, as we can speak about it for hours ;-) All joking aside, we can’t wait to share our Spanish favourites with you.

Unfamiliar with Spanish products or want to try something new? No worries as TANINOS has you covered. We use our wealth of local Spanish expertise to select the very best. And at TANINOS you will find iconic Spanish brands as well as those hidden gems.

Dislike crazy marked up prices? So do we! TANINOS promises to provide you with the best prices possible.  We import directly from our wineries/suppliers and purposely do not have a brick and mortar store so we can pass these savings to you. We also NEVER inflate our prices in order to create "fake" promotional sales to grab your attention.

We hope you enjoy TANINOS as much as we do!

As the Spanish would say, Hasta la próxima....  or see you soon!

The TANINOS team

P.S. Please check back with us soon as we continue to expand our product range.  And if there is anything particular you would like for us to include in our offerings, feel free to give us a shout!