Casar de Vide Treixadura 2019

Casar de Vide Treixadura 2019

Bodega Casar de Vide
$23.50 $42.00

 Winery: Bodega Casar de Vide

 Denomination of Origin: Ribeiro

 Varietal: 60-85% Treixadura, Albariño, Godello, Torrontés

 Format: Cork top, 750ML, White Wine 

 Wine:  Looking to try a new white wine?  Then gotta try this Ribeiro wine, it's quite impressive!  The most famous grape of the region, Treixadura (pronounced tray-sha-dura) provides the wine with a fresh, delicate, citrus character as well as good acidity.  And given the close proximity to the Atlantic coast, this wine is rich in minerality and pairs fabulously with seafood. 

For the wine geeks - Note that Ribeiro is a completely different region to other similar-sounding Spanish wine region such as Ribera del Duero & Ribeira Sacra. (The Spaniards just like to keep you on your toes!)  Ribeiro is the oldest wine region in Galicia and is well respected in Spain for its quality white wines.


 About Winery:  Bodegas Casar de Vide is part of the Matarromera group, which   has some of the most prestigious wineries in Spain. 

Casar de Vide is located in the town of Castrelo de Miño, in the province of Ourense, a few metres away from the river. A place of immense beauty where the vineyards mark out the terrain with their elegant contours and undulations.

The name of our winery means Vine House and is made up from the terms ‘Casar’, which is the name of the traditional Galician homes and ‘Vide’ which comes from the Concello de Vide, famous for its traditional cultivation of the vine. The winery is located in the very heart of the Ribeiro Designation of Origin, the oldest in Galicia, and aims to become one of the region’s winemaking benchmarks where excellence and quality are essential identifying characteristics, both in their production methods and in their well- regarded wines.